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Public Outreach

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Schools Programs

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Public Outreach

Interactive Displays

Walk through five displays transporting you to visit the most exotic objects in the universe! Visit the Gravity Discovery Centre near Perth to enjoy OzGrav’s Virtual Universe.

Blast Off!

Blast Off to the Virtual Universe is a set of collaborative, interactive, and personalized VR experiences bringing most exotic objects from the Universe to students, educators, and the general public.

Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs

Book us to come to you! We have outreach teams in Victoria, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia, and we are happy to travel across Australia.

Alan Duffy and Rebecca Allan on stage during a Science in Virtual Reality Event


The SciVR experience brings our incredible Universe to you using virtual reality. With our app on your smartphone and our foldable VR headset, you’ll delve into a whole new world of science.


Adelaide’s Mini Interferometer for Gravitational-wave Outreach (AMIGO) is a tool used to demonstrate the principles of laser interferometry and gravitational wave detection.

Schools Programs

Primary School Incursion

We now offer two new Space Sciences lessons in conjunction with PrimeSci!. The lessons on our Solar System and beyond, “Planetary Explorers”and “Oh My Stars” (Years 1 – 6), include hands-on activities and virtual reality exploration.

Professional Development

Introduce virtual reality or gravitational wave discovery into your science lessons. OzGrav offers professional development workshops.

Student in Virtual Reality

Mission Gravity

Mission Gravity! combines classic scientific modeling with immersive virtual reality. In this incursion, students collaborate to create a model of stellar evolution by making observations on a VR trip to stars.

Custom virtual reality content

Remote Incursion

OzGrav offers remote virtual incursions for secondary students from around Australia and beyond! Our sessions cover topics from stellar evolution to gravitational wave detection. Sessions are curriculum-aligned and appropriate for Years 7-10 and Physics.

Children performing gravity simulation with a rubber sheet

Einstein First

Einsteinian physics underpins the modern technologies and devices that we use and depend on today, such as mobile phones and GPS. The aim of this project is to introduce the Einsteinian physics at the very beginning of education.

Teacher Resources

Mission Gravity Teaching Resources

Teach stellar evolution in your secondary classrooms. Download our resources and use OzGrav’s Mission Gravity Stellar Evolution program from any computer… no VR headset required!

Gravitational Wave Teaching Resources

Find resources… lessons plans, apps, and online resources… to introduce gravitational wave physics to secondary students!

SciVR Teacher Assets

Turn the SciVR phone app into a classroom tool with these resources! Check out our lesson plans for secondary classes.

Fun Sheets

These fun sheets supplement the SciVR app for primary school learners! Learn about space with crosswords and word search puzzles!