SciVR Teacher Assets

Give students the opportunity to learn more about the scale of our solar system and how different the planets are from each other!

Download the presentation and activities here.

Worlds in Comparison DOWNLOAD PDF


Spaced Out Scale Models – Teacher Edition DOWNLOAD PDF

Spaced Out Scale Models – Student Edition DOWNLOAD PDF

Properties of Stars

The light we see from stars tells us a lot about them.

Use this activity to show students the connection between the colour of stars and their properties.

The Rainbow Connection – Teachers’s Edition DOWNLOAD PDF

The Rainbow Connection – Student’s Edition DOWNLOAD PDF

Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

What exactly is light? Explore the entire spectrum of light.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT

The Electromagnetic Spectrum – Teacher’s Edition DOWNLOAD PDF

The Electromagnetic Spectrum – Student’s Edition DOWNLOAD PDF

Signals from Space

How do we know where things are in space?

Use this activity to explore what astronomers call signal location.

Attack of the Giant Space Bananas DOWNLOAD PDF