SciVR – Resources

These classroom materials focus on key science concepts introduced in the SciVR app.

The app is free to download, and can be used in headset mode (double screen) or non-headset mode (single screen).

*How-to videos are located at the bottom of the page.

SciVR App

The SciVR experience brings our incredible Universe to you using virtual reality. With our app on your smartphone and our foldable VR headset, you’ll delve into a whole new world of science. Download the free app to your smartphone. You can use the app in different mode: VR, Magic Window, or Touch. You can also […]

SciVR Teacher Assets

Turn the SciVR phone app into a classroom tool with these resources! Check out our lesson plans for secondary classes.

Fun Sheets

These fun sheets supplement the SciVR app for primary school learners! Learn about space with crosswords and word search puzzles!

These videos will show you how to use the SciVR app: