The birth of gravitational astronomy creates a new focus on general relativity, and presents enormous opportunities, and a substantial responsibility, for educating the public on discoveries that will change the way we view the Universe. OzGrav embraces these opportunities, through its national Education and Public Outreach (EPO) program – for the general public, for schools, and for eager citizen scientists.

OzGrav researchers  work with numerous outreach partners, including the Gravity Discovery Centre (GDC), a spectacular $10 million dollar, 1500 m2 outreach facility, co-located at the Australian International Gravitational Research Centre  (AIGRC) in Gingin, in Western Australia.  The Gravity Discovery Centre  houses exhibitions on black holes, cosmology, fundamental physics and technology, lecture theatre, and a major public astronomy facility. We are developing new outreach programs and materials for use across all of OzGrav’s research  nodes.  We are producing  short animations, videos and social media content to make gravitational wave physics more accessible to schools and the general public.  Please contact epo@ozgrav.org with any educational or outreach requests.


Interactive Displays

Walk through five displays transporting you to visit the most exotic objects in the universe! Visit the Gravity Discovery Centre near Perth to enjoy OzGrav’s Virtual Universe.

Blast Off!

Blast Off to the Virtual Universe is a set of collaborative, interactive, and personalized VR experiences bringing most exotic objects from the Universe to students, educators, and the general public.

Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs

Book us to come to you! We have outreach teams in Victoria, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia, and we are happy to travel across Australia.

Alan Duffy and Rebecca Allan on stage during a Science in Virtual Reality Event


The SciVR experience brings our incredible Universe to you using virtual reality. With our app on your smartphone and our foldable VR headset, you’ll delve into a whole new world of science.


Adelaide’s Mini Interferometer for Gravitational-wave Outreach (AMIGO) is a tool used to demonstrate the principles of laser interferometry and gravitational wave detection.